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Gold Eagle Research Links:

This webpage is dedicated to getting you the information you need when considering the right time to purchase or sell American Gold Eagle coins. American Gold Eagle coins are one of the world's most in-demand coinages so you're in good company.

The United States mint is the producer and distributor of the Gold Eagles so their website makes an ideal start to your journey for data. To visit their site, please go to

If you're purchasing American Eagles for investment purposes then you should be careful not to buy the commemorative coins that the mint sells on their site. These commemoratives lack the fair market liquidity that the Gold Eagle bullion coins hold.

Two sites that offer great investor reading are and has a bundle of information on the Double Eagle Saint Gaudens and Lady Liberty coins and their website is beautifully done. It can be found at

The American Numismatic Association is the oldest numismatic organization in the United States and their website is very popular. To visit them please go to

The Federal Reserve is the oversight branch of the US mint and their website is located at

For information and research on Certified American Eagle gold coins visit and

Tips for Gold Eagle Research:

Avoid recommendations from radio personalities, they are overpriced and the Eagle investor will usually pay 10%+ because of such costly advertisement.

Never wait more than ten days of cleared funds for you order to be shipped out. The seller might not have said coins in their position and you could avoid hassles by selecting another dealer.

If you still need help then call our US Coin Specialists at 1-800-425-5672 or click here to receive your free "2016 Precious Metals Investment Kit."

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