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Gold Double Eagle

Gold Double Eagle

The gold Double Eagle is a legendary pre-1933 version of the modern day bullion American Eagle coin. This beautiful coinage was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens as a result of Theodore Roosevelt wanting to beautify American coinages. The coins consist of nearly one full ounce of pure gold and are considered a 22-karat coin.

As far as investing is concerned, the gold Double Eagle is one of the most popular investment-grade certified rare coins and is widely traded all over the world. Reputable third-party certification companies such as the Professional Coin Grading Service and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation guarantee the authenticity and condition of these coins. They come sonically sealed and encapsulated with a barcode and serial number for ease of tracking and verification.

The reason many investors choose the gold Double Eagle instead of the modern American Eagle is because these rarities have a historical tendency to do better when used as a long-term investment, plus in the event that the government needs to back up the failing United States Dollar, they can not be confiscated like standard bullion products could. Also, there are only 10% of these original coins in circulation today, making them a limited supply and high demand product with much potential for growth.

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