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The US Mint’s Gold Eagle investment grade coins are an excellent source of financial security, especially during this recession. In the last couple years, we’ve seen literally unprecedented demand for these coins, to the point that the US Mint has actually been forced to suspend the coin until mid summer.

Luckily, you can still buy Gold Eagle coins from online certified firms. In any event, the thing about gold is that you don’t want to wait too long to get in on it. During this recession, gold is only going to keep climbing, and it’s always best to get involved in any investment well before it peaks.

Of course, it will likely be awhile before it does peak, but regardless, if you’re looking to buy Gold Eagles, the main thing you have to keep in mind is; the sooner the better. Of course, ideally, we would have all taken our money out of stocks ten years ago and put it into gold, which was sitting at a mere two hundred fifty dollars or so per ounce in 1999. The last decade or so has been one of the most extraordinary periods for the metal, with the value nearly doubling.

You can only blame this partially on inflation. The dollar is worth less today than it was ten years ago, but it isn’t quite worth a mere quarter of what it was worth ten years ago. It really is the recession that’s driving the price up right now.

Of course, common sense will tell you that, if it’s wisest to buy Gold Eagle coins before a recession, then is it unwise to buy Gold Eagle coins during a recession? Well, to be blunt, there’s no such thing as a bad time to buy the metal. Certainly it’d be nice to have a time machine and buy the gold just before an incredible rise, but if you buy gold right now, you’re only likely to see a profit by the time this recession ends.

And to be certain, this recession is most likely not near its end. The American President himself has stated that it won’t be an overnight fix, a one year fix, or perhaps even a one term fix.

The fact is that people always want to buy Gold Eagle coins during a recession, because that is when they’re needed the most. Gold always performs well during times of economic crisis in that the metal tends to do the exact opposite of what the American dollar does. It would be easy to misunderstand this and to jump to the conclusion that "Well then, gold must be bad to hold during times of economic comfort, right?"

Well, you don’t need gold during a recession, and that is exactly why you should make sure to hold onto it, because it will be there when you do need it. You want to make sure that you have that financial backbone when it starts looking like there may be another economic crisis like the one we find ourselves in right now.

Comparing gold to a safety net, it seems silly to say "You shouldn’t bother with gold unless there is a recession going on", which is like saying "You don’t need a safety net unless you fall". Well obviously you don’t need a safety net unless you take a fall, but isn’t it better to have the net there all along, rather than wait until you fall and hope someone will set it up for you in time?

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Stewart Lawson

Aug 24, 2009

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